Archievents takes shape in late 2019 when destiny unites three girls
who discover that they are Cool Hunters.

Creativity, "madness", resourcefulness and the ability
to meet people's expectations are their strong point.

Of different origins and backgrounds, they are capable of drawing from their unique qualities
in order to create big projects.

Always passionate about design, fashion and innovation,
our team is constantly looking for memorable experiences


—Elisabetta  event manager—

Elisabetta is a bona fide Romagnola and world traveller for work and also for passion. After earning her degree, she spent many years traveling for work in the fashion industry, organizing fashion shows and managing inaugurations, exhibitions, fairs, and sales campaigns. She is a collector of clothing, a lover of pasta, yoga and horseback riding, and an esthete constantly on the lookout for beauty in any shape and with attention to detail. She now enjoys the game of life in a perfect position, eager to contribute her passion and experience in a creative and innovative start up. She loves the organization of ideas and things, leaves nothing to chance when making people's dreams come true. She believes in positivity, courage, balance and people. Smiles, passion, a collaborative spirit, a sincere ability to listen, and a strong work ethic are but a few characteristics that make her a reliable and trustworthy team member.

— Giulia  creative designer —

Born in ‘92 but a child of the 60s at heart, Giulia is constantly divided between a love of food and the beginning of a diet. She is a convinced yet unconventional architect having completed an internship in NY and a Master's Degree in Architecture for Food. Curious about the world but in love with her homeland of “Romagna”, Giulia has worked for some years in the field of Luxury retail. Realizing that that she does not belong to this world, she decides to pursue the world of Architravel with Veronica, a guide to all lovers of good food and special events. What is the right approach? It is to leave one speechless. A believer in the theory of Serendipity. she is ready to pursue this new work adventure. Positive, cheerful, stubborn, and obsessed with detail, she will redo it from scratch if something is not done the best way possible!

—Veronica  event planner—

Born in ’92 in the city of Urbino but Romagnola by adoption, she is an architect by title but convinced that her purpose lies elsewhere. Looking forward to combining design with an unbridled passion for restaurants, she fills in endless wishlists of places to try in Romagna and across the globe. On the heals of an internship in NY, a photography course, and a wedding planner certificate, Veronica establishes along with Giulia Architravel, a formative journey envied by many. She loves to amaze those around her by organizing moments to savour together. While she may be a tad forgetful, she never lacks enthusiasm. She is dependent on the sea, ice cream and laundry, and don't touch her hair or her belongings in general. She is determined, curious, enterprising and super-organized.