—Our Work Model—

Following a project from the conceptual phase to its final execution is part of a greater creative process.
Whether it is an intimate occasion, a large-scale event, a temporary or a permanent one,
we follow a clear and effective methodology aimed at providing the best possible product:

  1. MEETING WITH THE CLIENT: we meet the client and gain an understanding of their dream and expectations in order to create and study a tailor-made project that reflects their style and wishes based on a pre-defined budget.
  2. BRAINSTORMING: we study the market and new trends that will guide us towards various concepts. We develop those best suited to the customer in order to create a unique and impactful design solution.
  3. SUPPLIER SELECTION: we choose the best suppliers and professionals and coordinating relations. We carry out inspections and establish the timeline and deadlines aimed at finding the best solution.
  4. APPROVAL: the creative concepts are presented to the client along with an itemized budget. We make any changes based on feedback from our client with the goal of formulating the final plan.
  5. . REALIZATION: in a truly collaborative effort, we begin the production phase of the project. We are the point of reference for all suppliers thus ensuring that project unfolds according to the preestablished plan and timeline. We accompany the client throughout the process so that they are free from worry.

—Our Clientel—

Private: anyone wishing to organize an event, an anniversary, a celebration
or a wedding

Public: bars, restaurants, farms, agritourisms, beachfront resorts, and any location
that can organize events and wishes to promote its business